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Luis Rios Consulting

Vocational Counseling and Comprehensive Forensic Vocational Evaluations

Reemployment Assessments


  • Comprehensive Forensic Vocational Evaluations
  • Reemployment Assessments
  • On-Site Job Analysis
  • Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations
  • Labor Market Surveys
  • On-Site Ergonomic Evaluations

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Bi-Lingual Spanish/English Services

Vocational evaluation services are available in English or Spanish. Vocational Counseling and vocational evaluations. Reemployment Evaluations experienced Counselor.

Multi-Cultural Experienced

Extensive professional experience in working with diverse nationalities from around the globe. History of extensive international travel and language studies

Innovative Prompt Reporting

Innovative, individualized reporting format. Fast turnaround time for forensic vocational reports when a report is needed/requested.

Final Hearing/Deposition Ready

Extensive highly skilled and battle-hardened  trial and deposition testimony experience. Always fully prepared in advance when it comes time for the Sworn Deposition or Final Hearing.

About Luis Rios Consulting

Trusted and Experienced in Evaluating All Types of Disabilities in the World of Work

Serving all of South Florida

Cost Effective Flat Rate Pricing available with no extra charge for mileage and travel within a 200 mile radius of Sarasota office

Florida Labor Market Expertise

Professional Job Placement Assistance, Job Seeking Skills Development, Labor Market Surveys, Evaluation of Exhaustive, Good Faith Job Search

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Luis Rios Consulting

5342 Clark Road #184, Sarasota, FL 34233

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